JT is here to help you grow your business. Our IoT solutions allow you to respond faster and reduce time to market. The solutions also increase your operational efficiency and enhance your end-users’ experience. Choose JT as your highly stable, long-term partner to fulfil your IoT business needs.

What makes JT IoT different?

JT IoT/M2M Simplifies Global Deployment

Global Deployment

JT’s global deployment solution assures that no matter where your devices land they will have a network to connect to out of the box, and JT overtime can work with you and other operators to achieve better data prices. For global deployment, JT support eUICC remote IMSI management, which means you can connect with JT from day one, but we also support different IMSI to be put onto your SIMs.


Taxis Fleet Management

JT offers connected taxi solutions to ensure taxis stay connected even at spots where only one or two networks are available, which helps the taxi drivers be more productive and efficient. With JT IoT Open Roaming SIMs, devices can move back and forth among available networks, which improves taxi performance and attractiveness with fewer to none jobs missed.
OEM (IoT Device Manufacturers)

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

T IoT solutions, not only help OEMs to drive product innovation by making devices have connectivity out of the box but also provide superior service and support for end-users to deploy these solutions by getting the best data price via our IMSI management. Besides that, JT provides a revenue share for the life of the device to give OEMs an ongoing revenue stream to support future product development.

JT IoT/M2M offers Smart Metering solutions

Smart Metering

JT smart metering solution ensures meters to stay connected with the strongest signal network available. JT is rated as the highest performing connectivity solution for smart meters in the UK because of the open roaming network management. If there is a network problem in a particular area, a single network can be taken out for coverage for a single smart meter, which means fewer truck rolls, more successful initial implementation and higher success rates in reading the meters.
Point-of-Sale (POS)-Smart Retail


JT offers high speed, secure and reliable network connectivity for Point-of-Sale devices with open roaming SIMs and multi-network coverage. Having point-of-sale devices stay connected not only increases productivity but also improves efficiency. If there is a network problem, a single network can be taken out of coverage for a single point-of-sale device, which is crucial for reduced overhead and optimised business performance.
JT IoT/M2M's solution for the transportation companies

Vehicle and Transportation

The advantage of JT’s vehicle and transportation solution is to provide both strong regional and global network coverage for the vehicles and help them get from place to place more quickly. For instance, JT provides a master zone SIM that economically keep tracking vehicles wherever they go in the Americas, including North, South and Central America. This intelligent vehicle management solution allows you to optimise performance, reduce costs and improve productivity.

JT IoT/M2M's solution for telematics


JT IoT solution provides real-time machine data for remote management of equipment through telemetry. JT’s open roaming SIM and multi-network connectivity enable real-time information about equipment usage, potential failures, location and security. This information helps maximise the uptime and speed up the response of services. This solution can be widely used in industrial fields, energy, utility and transportation sectors.

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