JT IoT assists smart home service providers to connect applications, sensors and services. Using a managed connectivity platform to remotely monitor and control home applications, such as health, security and utility systems, providing a safer, more convenient, comfortable and intelligent home environment for end users.

Most Popular Smart Home Applications

Lighting Control

Lighting Control

IoT-enabled smart lighting
control for home automation
and energy saving.

Child Tracking

Child Tracking

Protect children and teenagers’
safety by using real-time tracking
and monitoring devices.

Pet Tracking

Pet Tracking

Tracking pets whereabouts
through sensor-based tracker for
their safety.

Home Security

Home Security System

IoT-based smart home security
system with live monitoring and
instant alerts for unexpected intruders
and abnormal incidents.

Remote Healthcare Monitoring

In-Home Health Monitoring

Enable patients at home to receive
remote health advice and send
notifications in case of emergency.

Home Energy Management with JT IoT SIMs

Home Energy Management

Manage home energy
consumption through real-time
data to reduce bills.

What Services does JT Offer

Non-Steered Open Roaming SIM

Non-steered Open Roaming SIMs

Dynamic Coverage Control

Dynamic Coverage Control

All SIM Form Factors

All SIM Form

Global Coverage

Global Coverage
with 600+ Operators

Unlimited Device Management

Unlimited SIM Estate Management

Real Time Diagnostics


Billing and
Deep Reporting

Full API Integration

Full API

Own Domain Configuration

Own Domain Configuration

High Level Security

High Level

Test Kits Available

Test Kit

Dedicated Support

24/7 Support

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