JT IoT assists smart cities service providers, city planners and public authorities to connect, manage and optimise city infrastructures. Connectivity and Connectivity management at scale is critical to Smart City applications such as public safety, grid automation, parking, bike rental, taxi management, traffic balancing and lighting.  And with JT IoT solutions, you can connect your smart city applications globally and manage them efficiently with one single Nomad platform.

Most Popular Smart Cities IoT Applications

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

IoT empowered effective CCTV
monitoring to prevent urban crime
and antisocial behaviour.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Efficient parking through a real-time availability map powered by a cloud-
based IoT Platform.

Bike Rental

Bike Rental

IoT enabled rental bikes for efficient
bike usage and accurate bike
location tracking in the city.

Smart Grid

Smart Grid Automation

IoT enabled smart grid automation
captures data at every point of the
grid for real-time energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Buildings

Energy Saving Buildings

Unlock energy efficiency and save
energy through connected
smart buildings.

Taxis Management

Taxis Management

Optimised taxis fleet management
through wireless communication
and real-time diagnostic data.

Traffic Balancing

Traffic Balancing

Collect and analyse road reporting
data to solve traffic congestion
problem in the city.

Public Safety

Smart Public Safety Systems

Transform data sources to
enable fast, accurate emergency
response and crime prevention.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Enable connected street lighting
to save energy cost and reduce

What Services does JT Offer

Non-Steered Open Roaming SIM

Non-steered Open Roaming SIMs

Dynamic Coverage Control

Dynamic Coverage Control

All SIM Form Factors

All SIM Form

Global Coverage

Global Coverage
with 600+ Operators

Unlimited Device Management

Unlimited SIM Estate Management

Real Time Diagnostics


Billing and
Deep Reporting

Full API Integration

Full API

Own Domain Configuration

Own Domain Configuration

High Level Security

High Level

Test Kits Available

Test Kit

Dedicated Support

24/7 Support

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Exel Logo

Exel Technology

Exel Technology’s Mercury Taxi Booking and Despatching software is a market-leading solution for the UK Taxi Industry. It provides an efficient, reliable and accurate service to both operators and passengers alike. The reliability of the Mercury Software is centred on being able to provide consistent and robust connectivity, enabling taxi drivers to send and receive timely information dependably from their vehicles.

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