Phoenix Managed Networks Case Study

Point-of-Sale Case Study - Phoenix Managed Networks, How important instant connectivity is to POS success in the retail industry
IoT has freed retailers to conduct business from fixed locations. Get a free copy of Phoenix Managed Networks Point of Sale case study to learn how JT IoT’s point of sale solutions can improve your business efficiency.

JT IoT offers high speed, secure and reliable network connectivity for Point-of-Sale (POS) devices with open roaming SIMs and multi-network coverage. When point-of-sale devices are staying connected, it not only increases productivity but also improves efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Download this case study to find out what challenges Phoenix Managed Networks face, what solutions JT provided and the achieved results.

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JT IoT SIMs is all about global horizontal connectivity, solution integration, billing and device diagnostic platform. Uniquely, JT’s NOMAD platform delivers multi-network unsteered open roaming for cellular connections. It also provides complete API integration and allows its users to construct, provision, bill and monitor complete IoT solutions.