Kigali Connects with LoRa WAN

Kigali Connects with LoRa WAN

As lead sponsor for Transform Africa Summit being held in Kigali, Rwanda on 10th – 12th May 2017, Inmarsat has connected Kigali with LoRaWAN™ infrastructure and some other technologies, such as the JT Nomad IoT Platform and IoT connectivity.

The Inmarsat smart cities flagship project showcases its capabilities in real time to everyone at this years summit, in a real city, with real use-cases, all focused on improving the lives of over 700,000 residents.

Inmarsat will be leaving a blueprint for Kigali so that it can be used after the event to benefit the urban population of the city.

LoRaWAN™ technology opens-up the possibilities beyond traditional M2M communication by enabling meaningful interactions between people and their environments.

Connectivity is a key part for the success of this project and technologies including LoRaWAN, WiFi and Cellular need to co-exist to provide a network ecosystem where the right connectivity is used for the right application.

JT Nomad Unique IoT platform building IoT solutions based on Connectivity.

JT’s participation with Inmarsat to deliver a proof of concept for smart urban solutions utilised its unique base of IoT connectivity, but extended into provisioning, monitoring and diagnosing third party applications and devices.

The flagship project in Kigali benefits from using the Nomad IoT Platform to provide connectivity around cellular, Wi-Fi, and LoRa, networks, but importantly, to provide Smart Urban Solutions that can be provisioned, managed, invoiced and automated.

JT’s services are unique due to truly global coverage that utilizes over 600+ roaming agreements, with open roaming SIM, which is also software free with an extremely competitive price point. It also provides complete API integration and allows its users to construct, provision, bill and monitor complete IoT solutions.

NOMAD is a workflow engine that assembles all the many components of an IoT solution via API to third parties, allowing automated and controlled provisioning of point of sale, building controls, tracking/telemetry, and security solutions. NOMAD also integrates LoRa and Wi-Fi connectivity for “single pane of glass” visibility of hybrid estates.

Clients benefit from robust support, commercial and technical flexibility, unique features for real-time connectivity diagnostics and 24/7 support.

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JT IoT SIMs is all about global horizontal connectivity, solution integration, billing and device diagnostic platform. Uniquely, JT’s NOMAD platform delivers multi-network unsteered open roaming for cellular connections. It also provides complete API integration and allows its users to construct, provision, bill and monitor complete IoT solutions.