JT IoT/M2M Global Open Roaming, Multi-Network SIMs are designed with no additional software to get in the way and to delay connections. No PLMN lists, no JAVA code, no multi-IMSI code to confuse devices. Plus we allow free hopping between all the networks available in a particular country, with dynamic IP address, fixed IP or IP SEC VPN.

Features and Benefits

JT IoT/M2M Non-Steered,Open Roaming SIM

Non-Steered, Open Roaming SIM

Free network attach and detach from every network in the UK and 740 other networks globally. Absolutely no logic on the SIM or in the JT network that prefers a particular provider, unless upon request.

JT IoT/M2M offers Global Multi-Network Coverage

Global Resilient Connectivity

With over 700 roaming agreements in over 180 countries, JT has the best in class global network coverage, which means your devices will spend less time searching for network and stay connected in all times.

JT IoT/M2M Platform Dynamic Coverage Control Icon

Dynamic Coverage Control

JT Open Roaming SIM ensures your devices are always connected to the most robust network available. And devices are re-connecting to prevent network failure. If a single device is having issues, it can be temporarily removed from a network, the SIM rebooted and re-tested. This removes the mobile network as a cause of problems.

JT IoT/M2M offers all SIM form factors icon

Support All SIM Form Factors

All SIM form factors are available: Standard SIM (2FF), Micro SIM (3FF), Nano SIM (4FF), QFN8/MFF2 Chip to SoftSIM.

JT NOMAD Managed IoT/M2M Connectivity Platform Icon

Managed by our NOMAD IoT Platform

All SIMs and connectivity are managed by our unique NOMAD IoT Platform, which is clear and easy to use and in the meantime provides deep network control and insight of your SIM estate.

High Level Security

IoT security

Manage your own IoT security from one single provider regardless of the numbers and locations of your devices, which are already distributed worldwide.

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