IoT security has become one of the biggest challenges for Enterprises : due to the fast growth of cellular connected IoT devices with very thin computing capabilities, your IoT fleet can be very vulnerable for hackers.

JT & Cellusys IoT’s Enhanced IoT Security Solution

IoT Protect Security Dashboard
JT and Cellusys IoT’s security Innovation enables you as an enterprise customer to actually see and manage your cellular connectivity security via an IoT Security Dashboard: alarms can be triggered in case of attacks and enhanced security features can be applied, specific to each use-case. For the first-time, cellular signalling security is made transparent for enterprise customers who need full visibility and management capability over the security of their precious IoT fleet.
IoT Security Solution Product Features
These joint IoT Security solutions combine Cellusys’s IoT Protect technology together with JT’s global cellular data connectivity. We empower you the capability to verify if your devices are protected, manage your own IoT security from one single provider regardless of the numbers and locations of your devices, which are already distributed worldwide. So our solution can also be applied for your existing operational distributed SIM cards since this is a network based solution rather than a SIM based security solution.

About Cellusys IoT

Cellusys IOT empowers its customers with highest-grade security and enhanced connectivity analytics for their IoT fleets. Their technology is built to protect IoT devices against all categories of SS7 and diameter attacks specified by the GSMA. Cellusys IOT offers a suite of services designed specifically to meet the demand and scale of IoT: IoT Protect, IoT Connect, IoT Analytics, and IoT Roaming Control. Cellusys is rated a top innovator and a Tier 1 Signalling Firewall vendor in independent research –Rocco Innovator Report, 2017.

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