The JT Nomad IoT Platform gives you full control over your IoT connectivity management by providing you with the comprehensive tools and resources you need for cost-effective IoT deployment. It enables you to manage your entire SIM estate, monitors real-time connectivity status, provides you with visual analytics, device-level reporting and especially relevant account-level billing information.

Features and Benefits

JT IoT/M2M Deep Reporting Icon

Real-Time, Function Rich Estate Management

JT IoT/M2M Offers Reliable Cellular Connectivity

Network Attachment, HLR Statistics, Deep Reporting


Well-developed API with fast calls, constant development

JT IoT/M2M NOMAD Platform offers Real Time Diagnostic information

Real-Time Diagnostics Information

JT IoT/M2M Supports Multiple LPWAN Technologies

Support multiple LPWAN technologies

JT Io/M2M platform offers Location information

Dynamic Coverage Selector, Location Info

JT IoT/M2M Managed connectivity platform offers prepaid & postpaid models

Prepaid & Postpaid Models

JT IoT/M2M offers customer branded IoT platform

Your own domain with branding, customised commercials and a portal for your customers and channel partners

Test Kits Available at JT IoT/M2M

Test kits available

Introducing a simple and modern look of the JT Nomad
Self-Service Platform

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JT IoT Solutions Overview

The JT IoT Solutions Overview provides detailed information of Nomad IoT Platform with its key concepts, architecture and featured functions. Download this white paper to gain in-depth understanding of JT IoT Service highlights and the IoT business challenges in the future.

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