JT IoT offers easy to deploy, and reliable global network connectivity for industrial IoT applications. It brings machines, workforce and advanced analytics together, empowers industrial companies to operate more efficiently through interconnected facility, real-time monitoring, employee and material tracking. JT IoT enables industrial data collection and analysis to deliver new insights that can help companies drive smarter business decisions.

What you can do with JT IoT

Connected Factory

The Connected Factory

Bring machines, processes
and people at work together
to drive efficiency gains.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Use edge computing processing
power for faster local response
times and reducing the volume of
data send over the network.

Plant Safety and Security

Plant safety and Security

Monitor and detect abnormal
events with alerts to minimise
incidents in plant operation.

Storage Conditions Control

Storage Condition

Monitor warehouse environments
in real-time to ensure optimal
storage conditions for the materials.

Product Line Monitoring

Product line
Monitoring and Control

Connect production lines and
machines to acquire data for remote
monitoring and predictive analytics.

Lone Worker Tracking

Lone Worker Tracking

Track lone workers movements and
monitor their status in real-time to
keep them safe by reacting to
accidents and injuries without delay.

Industrial IoT Videos

What is industrial IoT

JT’s Head of IoT Paul Bullock talks to us about Industrial IoT usage. What is industrial IoT? How can your business benefit from Industrial IoT?

Industrial IoT Connectivity Options at JT

There are various connectivity types you can use for your Industrial IoT applications, watch this video from Paul Bullock, our head of IoT to learn what are the available Industrial IoT connectivity options.

What services does JT offer

Non-Steered Open Roaming SIM

None Steered Open Roaming SIMs

Dynamic Coverage Control

Dynamic Coverage Control

All SIM Form Factors

All SIM Form

Global Coverage

Global Coverage
with 700+ Operators

Unlimited Device Management

Unlimited Device Management

Real Time Diagnostics


Billing and
Deep Reporting

Full API Integration

Full API

Own Domain Configuration

Own Domain Configuration

High Level Security

High Level

Test Kits Available

Test Kit

Dedicated Support

24/7 Support

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