Here are some of the frequently asked questions raised by our customers and partners. If you have other questions, simply send us a support message. Or contact us to send your sales inquiries.

Yes, you can. You can define down to the network, which network you want to roam on and which you don’t.

Yes, we call it data aggregation. It means that if a customer is on an aggregated tariff for 10MB, every SIM they add to that aggregated 10MB plan adds 10MB to the pool from which all SIMs on that tariff can draw.

Yes, using JT IoT NOMAD platform, you can suspend and terminate SIMs. There are three options:

  1. Suspend, but continue to pay any monthly fee – useful for shipping a SIM
  2. Suspend and return to stock – used typically when recycling equipment. There are no costs associated with this option.
  3. Terminate – Utilised if a SIM is no longer required or missing
  4. We also offer a “Test-Productive” mode of SIM activation whereby SIMs can be activated, use 100kb of data for testing, then go dormant and non-billable until they breach the 100kb limit, then they become billable.

It is typically a second. JT can prove this via our NOMAD platform and our real-time Diameter interface.

This depends on the network to which you attached, but the vast majority of our billing increments are 1KB.

30 days from activation then the SIM can be cancelled at any point.

Yes, they are. Fees are calculated from the day activated and the day terminated or suspended.

JT is extremely commercially flexible. We shape our commercials to the customer’s revenues and use case. Line rentals are used in instances of very low data consumption, but not always. Our very popular multi-network/multi-country rates have no line rental.

JT provides granular cost control to our customers. If a customer activates a SIM on a higher package, Zone 2 for example then access will be provided automatically to all Zone 1 and Zone 2 countries and networks – currently some 167 countries in Zones 1 and 2 combined, 133 of which are Zone 1.

Yes. Multiple networks in every country in the world excepting North Korea, Mauritania, Ethiopia and Western Sahara. We’re working to fill those gaps.

Yes, we do, our network SLA is 99.999% uptime (excluding planned maintenance) for the infrastructure that we control. JT are a Tier 1 Telecommunications provider, counting 19 of the 20 largest financial services companies among our customers, and so our support team is available 24×7.

For our bundled price plans customers are billed monthly in advance.
For line rental and Pay as You Use plans, line rental is charged monthly in advance and usage a month in arrears.

Yes, there are three levels of watchdogs and alerts you can choose, and these are set by either data quantity used or cost. At the point each watchdog alert is reached, customers can decide what to do with the SIM, and whom is notified about the threshold being crossed.

You can have fixed public IP addresses as well as private static IPs with a VPN into our network for complete security.

You order them from us via email or via our NOMAD platform, they will then be shipped to you, typically dispatched the next working day.

No, there is not. Although we do reserve the right, after testing is complete to invoice a minimum value per month.

JT’s network supports 19 of the 20 largest financial services organizations in the world. They have been over our operations with a fine-toothed comb. We also support the global voice network for Kraft-Heinz among hundreds of other customers that depend on reliability. JT is considered a strategic economic asset by the State Government and is a wholly Government-owned Corporation. This equates to JT’s network being state of the art and we operate every element ourselves, no outsourcing, no dependency on others. We control our destiny.

Yes, we do.

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JT IoT SIMs is all about global horizontal connectivity, solution integration, billing and device diagnostic platform. Uniquely, JT’s NOMAD platform delivers multi-network unsteered open roaming for cellular connections. It also provides complete API integration and allows its users to construct, provision, bill and monitor complete IoT solutions.