JT IoT Solution is flexible and suit companies regardless of size. We service businesses across all major industries. 

Smart City

Smart Cities

Smart City connects physical infrastructure, assets and resources through the network, and uses collected data to monitor, analyse and manage city traffic, buildings, energy consumption, and public safety. It brings long-term benefits for both citizens and businesses through optimised city operation with reduced costs, managed resource consumption and increased interactivity.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT brings together machines, workforces and manufacturing processes. Factory interconnectivity, remote product line monitoring, workforce tracking, edge computing, predictive maintenance combined with advanced communications and real-time analytics enable full factory automation and operational efficiency.

Connected Health

Connected Health leverages connected devices by using cellular networks to improve chronic care, allowing patients to interact with clinicians and to be treated and monitored remotely. It maximises healthcare resources and provides increased, flexible opportunities for both patients and clinicians. Connected Health also contributes to efficient health service asset management.

Vehicle IoT Solutions

Vehicle and Transportation IoT Solutions

The transportation industry is leveraging IoT technology to connect vehicles and devices. Using real-time data to monitor and move cargoes and people efficiently. The implementation of IoT in vehicle tracking, route management, shipping monitoring not only accelerates productivity but also ensures transportation safety.
Smart Retail

Smart Retail

Smart Retail empowers retailers to operate efficiently through simplified retail processes, a fast and secure point of sale connectivity, accurate inventory management and sensor-based item tracking and in-store security monitoring. The mobile payment and shopping applications not only create a new revenue stream for retailers but also give consumers a unique shopping experience so to increase customer satisfaction.
OEM Enablement

OEM Revenue Enablement

Smart, connected products enable OEMs to generate new revenue streams through differentiated offerings, improved customer experience and optimised business processes. By OEMs partnering with IoT service providers, they are transforming long-established physical products into an as-a-service solution.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Smart Energy enables both residential and business customers to monitor and manage their energy consumption remotely through connected devices. From smart metering, smart lighting to smart grid monitoring and renewable energy management, smart energy not only achieves energy efficiency but also minimises incidents and guarantees sustainability through reduced operating costs.
Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture solutions leverage IoT technologies by using low-cost sensors, data insights and IoT platforms to better manage farms. Increased productivity and great efficiency are achieved by timely interventions in livestock and crop management and improved equipment monitoring.

Smart Home

Smart Home solutions bring connected home devices to consumers and enables them to efficiently manage home energy consumption, track and monitor children and pets; remotely monitor and control home lights, health and security. By automating the home to create a comfortable, secure, accessible and energy efficient living space.

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