About JT IoT u-blox PAYG Roaming SIM Card

The JT IoT u-blox PAYG Roaming SIM Card gives you access to the JT Global Network with multi-network open roaming connectivity, the benefits include:

  • Data credit roll over month to month – Most Pay As You Go sim cards delete any credit at the end of each month.
  • Global Resilient Connectivity – With over 700 roaming agreements in over 186 countries, JT has the best in class global network coverage, which means your devices will spend less time searching for network and stay connected at all times.
  • Open Roaming – JT Open Roaming SIM ensures your devices are always connected to the most robust network available. And devices are re-connecting to prevent network failure.
  • Always stay connected – The JT IoT u-blox PAYG Roaming SIM Card will not be turned off without you knowing. Email usage alerts are sent to notify you of your account balance of your registered IMSI, to ensure you never run out.

JT IoT opening roaming SIMs are designed with free network attach and detach from available network globally. Absolutely no logic on the SIM or in the JT network that prefers a particular provider, unless upon request.

There are no monthly charges; you only pay for what you use. You will get an email when the credit gets low.  Online top-up is very simple once your JT IoT u-blox account is set up by yourself after purchasing the u-blox C030 App Board.

Top-up your u-blox account with our 50MB Bundle for just £3.50 using our secure online top-up service at jtiotsims.com/ubxc030/