JT IoT offers non-steered, open roaming SIMs, instant global coverage, solution integration, billing and device management platform.  Uniquely, JT IoT NOMAD platform provides complete API integration.  It also allows its users to construct, provision, bill and monitor their complete SIM estate.

About JT International

JT International offers a wide range of voice, messaging, IoT/M2M and roaming solutions which are underpinned by our strong network assets and capabilities. Being the right scale to respond quickly to commercial agreements and implementation makes us a dependable partner. Our experienced business development team, network engineers and product experts mean we are able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative wholesale products and services.

About JT

JT is a Tier 1 full services telecoms operator based in Jersey, Channel Islands. The company has the vision to be a premium provider of global wireless data as well as a key platform enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT) and ultimately to be the partner of choice for global telecoms innovation. JT’s approach is to provide connectivity around cellular, Wi-Fi, and LoRa, networks, but importantly, to provide a platform in which the various “molecules” that comprise a compound IoT offering can be provisioned, managed, invoiced and automated. The company does this through 700+ global roaming partners, the NOMAD workflow engine and connectivity management portal. JT’s IoT division demonstrated 128% growth in 2016, and 2017 promises to be equally exciting.

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