JT IoT Solutions

Global Multi-Network Connectivity

  • Access 600+ global networks in over 180 countries
  • Choose the best network signal among the available networks
  • Consistent service quality and reliability
  • Fixed public and private IP solutions
  • 99.995% service level agreement (SLA) and 24/7/365 customer support

Connectivity Management Platform

  • Manage your entire SIM estate on a single platform
  • Monitor real-time connectivity status and diagnostic information
  • Full API suite integration
  • Data analytics and device-level reporting
  • IoT white labelling (MVNO in a box)
  • Gain full control over your device connectivity

Open Roaming IoT SIM Cards

  • No steering or network reference
  • Choose between pre-paid and post-paid model
  • Support all SIM form-factors and OTA IMSI swap
  • Open roaming with global multi-network connectivity
  • Managed by a single connectivity management Nomad platform

JT IoT Solution Features

JT IoT/M2M offers Global Multi-Network Coverage

Global Network Coverage

With over 600 roaming agreements around the world, JT IoT provides great global network coverage.

JT IoT/M2M NOMAD Platform offers Real Time Data

Real-Time Data Control

JTs Nomad IoT Connectivity Management Platform provides real-time information on device connectivity status.

JT IoT/M2M Platform Dynamic Coverage Control Icon

Dynamic Coverage Control

Dynamically take networks in and out of usage on groups or individual SIMs for diagnostic purposes.

JT IoT/M2M Full API Suite Integration

Full API Suite

Fully developed API suite for the Nomad IoT Platform enables access to all connectivity and management capabilities. Designed for service partners, manufactures and alike. Contact us for more detail.

JT IoT/M2M Fixed Private IP Icon

Fixed Private IP

Fully redundant MPLS or VPN available, along with the ability to use JT DHCP scope using customer's own IP range through JT's network to the SIMs.

JT IoT/M2M Ensures High Level IoT Security Icon

High Security

IPsec VPN secure two-way cellular connectivity with extremely high level of data security protection. Secure private APN & custom private APN.

What makes JT Different?

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